Membership shall be open to all Bhutanese journalists

a) Members shall be editors, producers, reporters, photojournalists, broadcasters, online and freelance journalists. We now have an honorary membership for other media persons (bloggers, social media content producers, camera persons, etc.), academicians, and writers as endorsed at our Annual General Meeting in January 2020.

b) An annual membership fee of Nu. 250 shall be collected from each member to help the Association conduct regular meetings and other activities

c) Application for membership shall be submitted in writing to the Executive Director and shall include a statement of the applicant’s agreement to be bound by the terms of the Charter if admitted

d) A member who ceases to meet and satisfy the conditions of this Charter, or one that negatively affects the image of the Association, shall be expelled by a two-third majority of the Board

e) A member may withdraw from the Association by notice given in writing to the President.

f) The Board will seek a member’s resignation if he/she leaves the journalistic work

You may pay/ renew your membership online. Our accounts:

  1. BNB: 0100014591001
  2. BOB: 202725042

Please, email the form and proof of payment to: