The Journalists’ Association (JAB) of Bhutan is a non-political and non-profit organisation formally launched in February 2012.

JAB was registered as a Mutual Benefit Civil Society Organisation under the Civil Society Organisations Act of Bhutan on 10 November 2014.

Among many others, JAB’s overarching mandates are to promote professionalism in the field of journalism, uphold freedom of expression and media, protect and promote the right to information, maintain high ethical standards in the practice of journalism and protect journalists from hazards such as threats, harassments, litigation etc.

The office of JAB is managed by a secretariat headed by the Executive Director. The secretariat is answerable to a Board of Directors headed by the President who is also the Chair of the Board.

JAB depends on funds mobilised through a partnership with Bhutan Media Foundation, Department of Information and Media, and other relevant local and international organisations working on media development.


A vibrant journalism community capable of playing an important role in social, economic, and political progress of the nation.


The mission of Journalists’ Association of Bhutan is to build a professional and independent journalism community through training, education, and advocacy.

Functions of JAB

– Protect and promote the constitutional right to information, freedom of expression and media.Maintain and promote a high standard of ethical behaviour in the practice journalism.Foster a growing number of professionally trained journalists in the country.Protect journalists from hazards such as threats, harassments, litigation, etc. from interest groups.

– Support journalists who are seriously injured or permanently disabled or killed in the line of duty through compensatory grants.

– Promote interaction and exchange of ideas for the professional development of its members.

– Explore funding sources to collaborate in professional education program for journalists

– Institute mechanism to recognise journalists through awards and grants.

– Stimulate and sustain professional debate on crucial issues through seminars, workshops and discussion fora.